December 01 2022
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Attiny85 Logic Analyzer

an AVR emulator

New release for a85al emulator, the number is 1.4. Many fixes and added. Now you can use it also for ESP8266 sketchs.

  • Added Xtensa L106 ISA
  • Added windows for General, Special and IO registers for ESP8266 core
  • Added ...

Great day for all a85al users, a new board core is running in the emulator. The core emulated is Xtensa tensilica l106 the ESP8266 cpu. Now it is capable runs a fews opcodes and it requires the original bios to work. As soon ...

New version is out!!! The latest is v1.3 the emu becomes more and more functional. Many fixes and added, here is the changelog:

  • Added new AVR opcodes (NOP,BREAK)
  • Added ...